Religious Education Directors

Why choose us?

We have worked with over 100 parishes over the years, click the button to see the list.

  • We customize many items with your school's name. If you have special requests let us know.

    • Pew banners​

    • Boy's communion arm bows

    • Confirmation ribbon

    • Confirmation stoles

  • We can set up a display at your parents meeting

    • Parents can purchase items​

    • Parents can make an appointment

    • Parents will recieve a special gift certificate

  • We eliminate the guesswork to save your parents time and money

    • We offer one-stop shopping for clothing, accessories, invitations and party items

    • Our knowledgeable staff is trained to measure and fit children so they are fitted correctly the first time which eliminates returns

    • Our product is of the highest quality at value pricing

    • We keep your school requirements on file so the parents only purchase what they need

  • We keep a dress register

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